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Magic Fire
Magic Fire
Magic Fire

Magic Fire

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Mystical Fire Magic Tricks Bonfire Camp Fire Colorful Flames Powder Sachet Pyrotechnics Fireplace Pit Patio Color Toy


1. This colored flame powder is a festive item that can make flames with

different colors. It is suitable for adding atmosphere for camp fire or


2. Make flame colorful by adding different elements.

3. Use 1-3 bags into the fire, and you can see the flames turn into

different colors, including dull or bright blue, purple, green, yellow

and other colors.

4. Can be used for indoor and outdoor burning flame of wood and other

fuels; depending on the flame, it lasts for about ten to dozens of

minutes, safe and environmentally friendly, and suitable for children


Burning time:15g/30minutes 30g/60minutes
  • USE INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Perfect for campfires, bonfires, indoor fireplaces, backyard fire pits and any wood burning fires!
  • EASY TO USE: Simply toss 1-3 unopened pouches into fire to enjoy a brilliant display of color!
  • BRILLIANT COLORS: Packets produce vibrant, rainbow colored flames
  • LONG LASTING: Enjoy colorful, magical flames for over an hour!
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: Adults and kids alike will love watching flames turn from basic yellow and orange to deep and vibrant hues of green, blue and purple